gold blockchain currency is the project open source?


Gold blockchain  is the project open source?

Yes! Gold blockchain currency code is stored in the github code , welcome to review,Gold blockchain  Apply blockchain technology to send and receive gold coin, Every transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the gold coin blockchain. On the other hand, gold uses a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Time (POST).  

What is the proof of space and time?

Proof of Space and Time (POST) is the only method used to prove that the miner or the farmer in the gold blockchain case is allocating unused hard disk space to store gold blockchain network data over a period of time. POST is an alternative method, although (POW)is a feasible proof-of-work method,But POW operation requires a lot of energy, POST can also work with low energy consumption, In fact, the energy consumption requirement is very low, and it can even be done on mobile devices in theory..  

What is POB ?

The traditional PoW mechanism achieves a fair way of producing coins, combined with the PoS consensus mechanism to reduce energy consumption requirements, avoid excessive centralization of computing power, and finally form a balance between workload and capital, giants and retail investors, which safely combines work A new consensus mechanism for Proof of Quantity and Proof of Stake, which we name Proof of Balance (PoB).

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